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Sat Feb 12 23:55:03 UTC 2011

Changes to Trunk (http://source.squeak.org/trunk.html) in the last 24 hours:


Name: Collections-ul.424
Ancestors: Collections-ul.423

- reimplemented String >> #expandMacrosWithArguments:



Name: Collections-ul.425
Ancestors: Collections-ul.424

- bytecode optimized Set >> #includes:
- removed Dictionary >> #includes: (Collection's is basically the same and Dictionary is not a subclass of Set anymore)
- simplified String >> #isAsciiString



Name: MorphicExtras-ul.99
Ancestors: MorphicExtras-nice.98

- clean up undo commands from Command class >> #cleanUp



Name: System-ul.422
Ancestors: System-laza.421

- deprecated SmalltalkImage >> #cleanUpUndoCommands, because it's moved to Command class >> #cleanUp
- removed #cleanUpUndoCommands from SmalltalkImage class >> #cleanUp



Name: SUnit-ul.83
Ancestors: SUnit-ul.82, SUnit-spd.82




Name: SUnit-spd.82
Ancestors: SUnit-nice.81

* TestCase now uses class>>suiteClass instead of referencing the class name directly 
* TestSuite now uses #resultClass instead of referencing the class name directly
* merged 'Accessing' protocol into 'accessing'



Name: SMBase-cmm.114
Ancestors: SMBase-nice.112

Initial support for SMReleaseBrowser.



Name: SMBase-cmm.115
Ancestors: SMBase-cmm.114

- Support for new SMReleaseBrowser.  Successfully tested creating and updating a package-release.
- Added guard SMPackage>>#addRelease: to prevent adding the same SMPackageRelease, just in case.
- The default-script name cannot be install.st, because it is stored in the same directory on the server as all other package-releases.  Therefore, it is qualified with the id of the package-release.
- When creating a new release from the browser, default all of the mandatory categories so the user may not have to select them.
- Need to know when an object is created new to know whether it should "save as a new release" or simply update the existing release.  This is accomplished by creating an 'unattached' release (not part of its package's releases).
- Removed some unused methods.
- Remove 'head' instVar, going to try first to do it via a category!
- When setting the mandatory categories, ensure all other categories of that type are removed.



Name: SMBase-cmm.116
Ancestors: SMBase-cmm.113, SMBase-cmm.115

Moved a method.



Name: SMBase-cmm.117
Ancestors: SMBase-cmm.116, SMBase-cmm.112

- Merged SMBase-cmm.112.



Name: SMBase-cmm.118
Ancestors: SMBase-cmm.117

- Added SMSqueakMap>>#sortedCategories for equal ordering of all categories between client and Squeak-3.8 server.



Name: SMBase-cmm.119
Ancestors: SMBase-cmm.118

Fixed sortBlock.



Name: SMBase-cmm.120
Ancestors: SMBase-cmm.119

- Added SMCategorizableObject>>communitySupportedCategory.



Name: SMBase-cmm.121
Ancestors: SMBase-cmm.120

Don't consider unpublished packages "unsafe" to install.



Name: SMBase-cmm.122
Ancestors: SMBase-cmm.113

Don't consider unpublished packages "unsafe" to install.



Name: SMBase-cmm.123
Ancestors: SMBase-cmm.121, SMBase-cmm.122

- Improve the #fullDescription of a PackageRelease.



Name: SMBase-cmm.124
Ancestors: SMBase-cmm.123

- Support for allowing individual items in the cache to be refreshed.



Name: SMBase-cmm.125
Ancestors: SMBase-cmm.124

Added SMSqueakMap>>installPackageNamed:version: convenience method.



Name: SMLoader-cmm.63
Ancestors: SMLoader-cmm.62

Initial sketch of SMReleaseBrowser.



Name: SMLoader-cmm.64
Ancestors: SMLoader-cmm.63

- You can now select 'Edit Release' or 'Create a New Release' from the SqueakMap menu to create new SqueakMap releases from within the image.
- Introducing SMClient, which employs WebClient (dynamically loaded, if necessary), to post new releases to the SqueakMap http server via the new ToolBuilder-based UI; SMReleaseBrowser.
- Window color of ReleaseBrowser match the SqueakMap browser.
- Inherit from CodeHolder for the annotated code-pane.
- Close the window on Save, busy cursor.
- If the loadScript filename ends in '.st', load it into the code-pane.
- Added username + password fields to the browser.
- Remove parentVersion field; it's actually not that important.
- Automatically upload the loadScript to SqueakMap on Save.
- Default selections when creating a new package.



Name: SMLoader-cmm.65
Ancestors: SMLoader-cmm.64

- List releases in SqueakMap package-loader by newest to oldest rather than oldest-to-newest (which guarantees to require scrolling as releases grow), and, also, if there is a release named 'head', put it at the top.
- Honor the reuseWindows preference.
- Fixes.



Name: SMLoader-cmm.66
Ancestors: SMLoader-cmm.65

Request password separately if user does not enter it on the SMReleaseBrowser window.



Name: SMLoader-cmm.67
Ancestors: SMLoader-cmm.66

Updated class comment.



Name: SMLoader-cmm.68
Ancestors: SMLoader-cmm.67

Moved a method.



Name: SMLoader-cmm.69
Ancestors: SMLoader-cmm.68

- Must send the Community Supported category in the HTTP request when saving a new  release.
- Save the package release before uploading the install file in case there is a validation error, the local model will remain consistent with SqueakMap.
- Set the downloadURL to the the account that is actually _posting_ the package, rather than the package-owner, to support Community Supported packages.
- Added a basic validation method.



Name: SMLoader-cmm.70
Ancestors: SMLoader-cmm.69

- Changed install script name to 'install-'[PackageName]-[Version].st.
- Clean-up the temporary script file after uploading.
- Warn if the script already exists.



Name: SMLoader-cmm.71
Ancestors: SMLoader-cmm.70

Stop requiring user-confirmation for "are you sure you want to install" just because a package isn't published when the parenthesis already indicate that anyway.



Name: SMLoader-cmm.72
Ancestors: SMLoader-cmm.71

- Use SMSqueakMap class>>#findServer for smUrl rather than hard-coded.
- Fix for sorting 'head' release to the beginning of package releases.
- Delete the install file after uploading / saving.
- When saving, we need to actually save twice.  First without a downloadUrl so that SM will update its cache, and then again to save the downloadUrl and refresh its sha1sum.
- Warn before replacing the install and delete it when done.



Name: SMLoader-cmm.73
Ancestors: SMLoader-cmm.72

- Disallow '+' in version names because it's reserved by HTTP.


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