[squeak-dev] I wish be in the SOB

Edgar De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 09:09:19 UTC 2014


I was the lucky guy having Ralph Johnson leading the 3.10 release process an
who start the actual process of download some packages and work with
Monticello instead of change sets.
Later all was polished by Andreas , sill have the many mails we exchange as
a treasure.
Also make the SqueakLight and FunSqueak projects.

The goal is start as small and simple as possible and grow to any past or
present Squeak project.

This days , for the 3 possible starting points:

Pavel kernel via Oz

I choose Cuis 3.1 reduced and was able to have DragAndDrop in it (kind of)
see demo here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kORHwSsKeWU

Also was present in Smalltalks, last here in Rosario
And we have a Spanish group here

Could contact me with:
Twitter @morplenauta
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/edgar.decleene

So we wish be in the next SOB and ask for your support.


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