[squeak-dev] Re: Updating 4.5 or getting a recent build of 4.6

Jeff Gonis jeff.gonis at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 22:03:42 UTC 2014

On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 3:24 PM, Levente Uzonyi <leves at elte.hu> wrote:
> I've checked your crash.dmp, and it looks interesting, especially this part:
> Stack backtrace:
>         [80126560] ??? + 0 in (null)
>         [8008DE63] next: + 107 in CogCode
>         [7FFF07C8] ceReturnToInterpreterTrampoline + 0 in CogCode
>         [7FFF06F8] ceBaseFrameReturnTrampoline + 0 in CogCode
> Smalltalk stack dump:
>   0x99553c M SocketStream>receiveData: 0x812fa8ac: a(n) SocketStream
>   0x99555c M SocketStream>next: 0x812fa8ac: a(n) SocketStream
>   0x9955ac I HTTPSocket class>httpRequest:url:headers:content:response:
> 0x80513ad0: a(n) HTTPSocket class
>   0x995cc0 I HTTPSocket class>httpGetDocument:args:accept:request:
> 0x80513ad0: a(n) HTTPSocket class
>   0x995cec M HTTPSocket class>httpGet:args:accept:request: 0x80513ad0: a(n)
> HTTPSocket class
>   0x995d24 I HTTPSocket class>httpGet:args:user:passwd: 0x80513ad0: a(n)
> HTTPSocket class
>   0x995d54 M [] in MCHttpRepository>readStreamForFileNamed:do: 0x80dfe9d8:
> a(n) MCHttpRepository
>   0x995d70 M BlockClosure>on:do: 0x812e22e4: a(n) BlockClosure
>   0x995d98 M [] in MCHttpRepository>displayProgress:during: 0x80dfe9d8: a(n)
> MCHttpRepository
>   0x995dc0 M [] in MorphicUIManager>displayProgress:at:from:to:during:
> 0x8057fb00: a(n) MorphicUIManager
> 0x812e9b08 w BlockClosure>on:do:
> I can't tell what went wrong, but it doesn't seem like it's related to the
> ZipPlugin changes.
> Can you tell how far the update process can go? (which update map, and which
> package is being installed when the crash happens)
> Does it always crash at the same point?
> Levente

Hi Levente,

So I might not be able to recreate that exact crash because following
David's advice and using the Interpreter VM caused the update to
succeed.  Prior to that however, it appeared to always crash in the
same location in a repeatable fashion.  Interestingly, after
completing the update with the Interpreter VM and quitting without
saving, the update proceeds using the same image and the cog VM. Could
some sort of caching of packages be the problem here and completing
the update successfully changes this?

Of course this fact makes it hard to reproduce the issue using the
image I was talking about, as it now works, but I will attempt to see
if I have any other images that I can reproduce the issue with and I
will post another crash dump and details if I am successful.

Thanks to everyone for your help!

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