[squeak-dev] Re: Updating 4.5 or getting a recent build of 4.6

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Wed Oct 29 21:24:20 UTC 2014

On Wed, 29 Oct 2014, Jeff Gonis wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> Just wanted to PING the list again to see if anyone had any feedback.
> Am I just seeing a crash that no one else is seeing and it is
> something with my setup, is there a safe VM version that people are
> using to update from the trunk image, and is anyone else able to grab
> the image that Marcel posted and do a successful update on the trunk?

I've checked your crash.dmp, and it looks interesting, especially this 

Stack backtrace:
 	[80126560] ??? + 0 in (null)
 	[8008DE63] next: + 107 in CogCode
 	[7FFF07C8] ceReturnToInterpreterTrampoline + 0 in CogCode
 	[7FFF06F8] ceBaseFrameReturnTrampoline + 0 in CogCode

Smalltalk stack dump:
   0x99553c M SocketStream>receiveData: 0x812fa8ac: a(n) SocketStream
   0x99555c M SocketStream>next: 0x812fa8ac: a(n) SocketStream
   0x9955ac I HTTPSocket class>httpRequest:url:headers:content:response: 0x80513ad0: a(n) HTTPSocket class
   0x995cc0 I HTTPSocket class>httpGetDocument:args:accept:request: 0x80513ad0: a(n) HTTPSocket class
   0x995cec M HTTPSocket class>httpGet:args:accept:request: 0x80513ad0: a(n) HTTPSocket class
   0x995d24 I HTTPSocket class>httpGet:args:user:passwd: 0x80513ad0: a(n) HTTPSocket class
   0x995d54 M [] in MCHttpRepository>readStreamForFileNamed:do: 0x80dfe9d8: a(n) MCHttpRepository
   0x995d70 M BlockClosure>on:do: 0x812e22e4: a(n) BlockClosure
   0x995d98 M [] in MCHttpRepository>displayProgress:during: 0x80dfe9d8: a(n) MCHttpRepository
   0x995dc0 M [] in MorphicUIManager>displayProgress:at:from:to:during: 0x8057fb00: a(n) MorphicUIManager
0x812e9b08 w BlockClosure>on:do:

I can't tell what went wrong, but it doesn't seem like it's related to the 
ZipPlugin changes.
Can you tell how far the update process can go? (which update map, and 
which package is being installed when the crash happens)
Does it always crash at the same point?


> I am just playing around with the image Marcel posted and it is just
> fine for getting work done, but my OCD tendencies flare up a bit
> knowing that I am not working with fully updated code.
> Any help or at least just letting me know that this is a problem on my
> end rather than the trunk would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jeff

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