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Hi All,

    I have to say that Kjell has never posted anything I have found helpful
or interesting or even on topic.  I suggest blocking him.

On Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 1:45 PM, Kjell Godo <squeaklist at gmail.com> wrote:

> e ifTrue:[ a a a ]                     “<—————--[  = e ifTrue:[ ...
> ]ifFalse:[]  ][  [] returns nil  ]”
> and if you can switch word wrap on and off you can move this comment way
> to the right so just the arrow is showing when word wrap is off so if you
> see an arrow you can either ignore it or turn wordwrap on and see it. in
> this way you can include a lot of comments and see them or not see them via
> word wrap on or off
> <—-[ BorgLisp comments look like <—-[ ... ] which I am not reserving any
> rights to ][ pyublic domain to anyone else who also wants to ][   by the
> way ]
> so how often would i do this? kind of teaching comment? only when i feel
> like it is my guess unless this could be automated some way and I didn’t
> have to do anything
> and this word automated links to the idea of neglecting to make a manual
> and books which are separated from the thing by a non zero distance and
> instead writing the books into a mouse over or code selection thing that
> pops up some kind of manual level explaining which might include a auto
> generated manual which collects it all into one place which maybe was just
> a haphazard collection of such explanations which might then make it easier
> to write this haphazard auto manual<—-[ have a style guide up at the top
> which says there is no style guide ][ to make it easier to write in the
> hope that something might get written ] so it’s easier to write and easier
> to add to wiki like because manuals get written at great cost and then they
> sit because nobody is going to do that again. but if people could add to it
> wiki like with no restrictions they still wouldn’t do it but you have to
> try don’t you no style guide
> so you select something and popUp command [ Explain This ] and then you
> get a default if you hit the space bar or a listSelector which offers to
> attempt to explain whatever it is in the various different ways listed or
> all ways with your last selection preselected
> the spotter seems to be trying to do this kind of thing but without the
> manual level part of it in my experience maybe I was using it wrong
> so like what if the various books and PDFs were hooked up to this [
> Explain This ] or [ Spotter ] command then the various books could be in
> the listSelector and if you click on a book or [ Search All ] it tensor
> flows or CYCs or etc searches it and assembles whatever it’s got and then
> you can also click on any or a or the book or something if nothing came up
> and go to the book(s) etc maybe via a paywall or whatever if it’s really
> good or was costly to make or donate a donate wall
> or maybe if you click on a hit it sends you to that place in the book or
> pdf
> ( absoluteDrivel— ( paypal works good if lots of people use it but they
> didn’t but maybe they do it now i finally do it now after avoiding it like
> the plague for some decades and their stock is up and I’m looking forwards
> now to paying quickly and easily<—-[ and I hit myself in the forhead now
> and bray tell I could have had a V8 but I got a straight 6 for some treason
> wedded to i better not say ][ (she who must be obeyed) ] quick and easy pay
> for some of these things that somebody died to bring into this world so
> donate I will if it takes no more than 15 seconds to do it
> and I can do it by eye roll<—-[ a rolling of the eyeballs ][ keep em
> rotating counter clockwise ]
> because it’s not the money that people object to i think ( so think Apple
> store got a huge chunk of my money by making it easy to pay too easy those
> f )riends it’s the blood sweat and next of kin of paying that people object
> to )and then and then when it erases everything you just typed in for the
> leventy leventhy time and asks you to to start over and retype it all back
> in again that’s when people’s heads explode out on the freeway and they vow
> they start making vows they shake their fist up at the clouds out the
> window and they start making all sorts of vows invoking pitch forks
> lightning bolts skulls crosst bones and all sorts of infernal regions which
> they grab just like chimpanzees - a I’m sorry I just called them a
> chimpanzee thats not right that’s so wrong that’s specist sorry and it
> isn’t fair to the rest of the chimpanzees so sorry sorry excuse me pardon
> me just trying to be funny here so so me but not for money here    so
>  and then they grab a gun and start waving it out the winda and start
> looking at some body to shoot at (US 2018) one of them dang liberals but
> there’s no body around until they catch a glimps of somebody  in the mirror
> and that’s no fun for they next of kin so son which is great fun for the
> peanut gallery but hey not much else who all advocate vociferously for all
> such failures to be included in all payment GUIs from here to the here
> after and on to eternity those speaking hearing deaf mutes because they
> have not got any kids    yet but when they do their kids will all turn on
> them and they will then pray tell    me too    and    nobody told me
>  this was going to happen so then so then from then on you cannot get blood
> out of a stone that’s twice shy and twice burned unless they’re backed up
> at the edge of a cliff or paywall hi and they got to like my           like
> my my or maybe they would rather just die<———-[ not advocating this ] click
> so up with paypal and whatever else makes it easy no doubt they are
> looking at crypto if not or visa will  not too sleezy )<—-[ absoluteDrivel ]
> On Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 09:56 Eliot Miranda <eliot.miranda at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi Leon,
>> > On Aug 14, 2018, at 9:24 AM, Leon Matthes <leon.matthes at student.hpi.de>
>> wrote
>> [snip]
>> > Just one more question:
>> > I'm new to committing to the Inbox, if I change the code to not use
>> > allInstances, what would be the best procedure to upload the changes to
>> the
>> > Inbox?
>> > Should I just commit as usual, which would create a completely new
>> thread in
>> > the forum, or is there some way to upload the changes to the existing
>> thread
>> > apart from just linking to an upload of the .mcz?
>> That’s a good point.  It might be nice if mail readers could thread
>> across closely related subjects, but we can’t expect that they will :-).
>> As far as committing you have no choice; you have to start from your
>> original commit or a merge with another version of the same package.  But
>> if you want to join the two threads you can always use some hack such as
>> responding to the new thread with a message that contains a link to the old
>> thread in the mail archive.
>> > Kind regards and thanks to everyone for your help ;-),
>> > Leon

best, Eliot
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