[squeak-dev] [Test][Squeak5.2rc1][SqueakMap] FFI entry in SqueakMap catalog for 5.2?

Chris Muller ma.chris.m at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 23:40:03 UTC 2018

> It sounds like we need a new release called '5.2' with a load script
> that looks similar to the load script for '3.10' but with package
> versions that match what you get when you load '(head)'. That new
> release should be tagged for Squeak5.2, and it should be "published"
> from the http://map.squeak.org site. Does this sound right?

Yes, absolutely.  And, once we have the template from this Squeak
release established, it becomes incredibly easy to simply do what you
said above, since you just select "Create New Release", and update
version numbers in the script to what they show in the Monticello

Any one of the 1.62 Magma packages can serve as the first template.
Just delete the pre-req load if you don't need it and change the
package names to the current correct versions of FFI.

 - Chris

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