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Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 00:13:02 UTC 2019

Thanks for the code review.   Updated version in Collections-cmm.859.mcz.

-1 for choosing 'printing' as category of #keysInOrder (and
> #keysSortedSafely). Maybe 'accessing' instead?

Sure.  I actually did think about that, but one thing I've begun doing
lately is, when I introduce an accessor _only_ because of printing, I've
been starting it out in 'printing' too, for ease of collecting "related
methods" together.

But, I think you're right that these could be useful accessors beyond
printing (serialization?).  I moved them.

> -1 for not having a comment in #keysInOrder ... could you explain the idea
> of "order" in contrast to "as is" with just a few words? :-) So that one
> can figure out when to use #keysSortedSafely and when to pick #keysInOrder
> Hmmm... does "keys in order" sound almost like "are keys in order" and
> thus like a boolean result? I have no idea. :-D Did you also consider
> "keysOrdered" or "orderedKeys"? Just thinking about Color class >>
> #orderedCrayonColors.


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