[squeak-dev] bad MessageTrace regression (was: The Trunk: Morphic-mt.1652.mcz)

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 01:22:09 UTC 2022

> > I want to add a new requirement: a single modifier key causes the new
> query to be opened in a new window, not added to the trace.  I like
> MessageTrace, but at a certain level of nesting I want to *not* pollute the
> results I already have by adding to the trace.  This frustration happens a
> lot.
> I'd like to make a UI suggestion that would ameliorate quite a few cases
> of this need - use a PluggableTreeMorph (as we do in the
> Explorer-inspector) to show the tree of messages. It would allow a bit more
> control over what you see at any point, without removing messages  with the
> cmd-D etc as now.

No, please do not do that!  PluggableListMorphOfMany2 was created
specifically for this browser so that a specific kind of nimble
interaction, which is shown and even explicitly mentioned in the youtube
video, would be possible.  Tree widget is how Pharo did it (I think, it's
been a while), and it was a plodding, confusing experience.  The design of
this browser really is driven by the UX and not the model.

 - Chris
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