[SqueakDBX] Re[2]: [opendbx] Should MySQL 4.0.15. work with OpenDBX ?

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Tue Sep 29 20:53:23 UTC 2009

Hello Mariano Norbert,

wouldn't the cheapest way be to just build a special case into
SqueakDBX error handling that could be activated via some option?

It's a recoverable error after all.

Same for OpenDBX, couldn't it just be an option? Me talking about
something I know nothing about.

And about supporting an extra built I'd say it's a pain that isn't
worth it. (Talking about something I know). So it can either be a
parameter in OpenDBX or it can be done in SqueakDBX.

As time permits I will try a port to see if I find more problems than
the recoverable connection error.

I will let you know.


MMP> 2009/9/29 Mariano Martinez Peck <marianopeck at gmail.com>

MMP> 2009/9/29 Norbert Sendetzky <norbert at linuxnetworks.de>

MMP> Hi Mariano, Herbert

>> Ok. Now it is almost working. He is using the MySQL 5 client library to
>>  talk to a MySQL 4.0.15 server. I saw this:

>> The problem now is that when he is trying to open the connection
>>  (odbx_bind) he gets a "unknown system variable "sql_mode"".
>> I looked in OpenDBX code and you don't have "sql_mode" in your source code.

MMP> It's in backends/mysql/mysql_basic.c, line 761 (trunk)

MMP> Wow....my total commander didn't find it....weird :(

MMP> Unfortunately, sql_mode is only supported since 4.1, so it's not possible to
MMP> connect to a MySQL 4.0 server using the standard OpenDBX source. The only way
MMP> to use the library would be to comment out the call to mysql_priv_setmode() in
MMP> line 197 and recompile but this would require to start the MySQL server in
MMP> ANSI mode (--sql-mode=ANSI) to get the same behaviour.

MMP> Thanks for the explanation Norbert. Now I am intrigued why
MMP> OpenDBX needs to set something in that variable. I mean, what
MMP> happens if you remove that call in line 197?

MMP> Herbert if you want, I can compile a new dll with the
MMP> changes Norbert said justto see if it works. Then you can decide
MMP> if you want to use SqueakDBX orthe native driver :(

MMP> For every new release of OpenDBX I can create a special
MMP> MySQL dll for4.0x MySQL compatibility. I have no problem at all
MMP> doing that. It isjust a couple of minutes.

MMP> Norbert: if this changes work, what do you think in
MMP> including to the website a MySQL-4.0x special dll for every new
MMP> release?

MMP> Best,

MMP> mariano

MMP> Cheers,

MMP> Mariano 

MMP> Norbert
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MMP> OpenPGP public key
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