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Sat, 02 Jun 2001 19:36:31 +0200

At 18:05 02.06.2001 , danielv@netvision.net.il wrote:
>Joseph Pelrine <jpelrine@acm.org> wrote:
> > You're right, modularity is not everything, but it's a big step in the
> > right direction. If you want to check out some good reference sources,
> > start out by reading
>[snip yummy references]
> > More recent work can be found in Gamma et al.'s Paper on TeamStreams,
> > presented at XP 2000 (I'm not sure whether there's a web link to it),
>I think this is it -

Definitely not that paper! I don't know what those guys think they're 
doing, but it ain't XP. However, they have a reference to Gamma et al.'s 
paper in there.

An easy intro (which I - in my modesty - forgot before) is my talk on 
"Modularizing Smalltalk", presented at the ESUG conference in '97. You can 
find it at http://www.daedalos.com/~j_pelrine/ under "Lectures".

> > Most of the work I'm doing for Stable Squeak is involved in implementing
> > these and other ideas aimed at managing modularity in Squeak. I'm on a 
> roll
> > now, and may be able to show something next week.
>Ok, fine, we're *already* salivating. Why are you wasting time answering
>silly emails? go code! ;-)

I actually have a rich and enjoyable life, with a beautiful girlfriend, 3 
cats, 2 jazz bands in which I play, etc. I code for a living, so I really 
don't look forward to spending every evening sitting at the computer 
hacking. Unfortunately, the day only has ca. 24 hours, so I can only Squeak 
when I have time. I recommend a rounded, complete life to all of you ;-)

> > On the other hand, code quality can't be learned from a book. I 
> benefited a
> > lot from having had access to world-class Smalltalkers who would whack me
> > upside the head if my code was crappy. It became a matter of pride for me
> > to write clean code. If you're alone, SUnit and full-strength SmallLint
> > help a lot.
>I miss having the RB and friends. One thing I missed in those was
>something telling me my code is too complex - enter the HintingBrowser.
>Someday soon I hope to have all those together on one image with

Huh? I use the RB all the time for my Squeak work. I even call it from 
SUnit to wrap quality control tests in my work. Contact Bob Hartwig - he 
did the port, and is doing the StSq version too.

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