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Dan Shafer squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Sun, 13 May 2001 09:35:50 -0700 (PDT)

A fine start! I have a few inline comments.

--- John Briggs <johneb47@optushome.com.au> wrote:
> Cees,
>  I have plagiarised the statement fof principles from the GEODATA link. I
>  personally feel that they have would fulfill our needs better than the NAMA
>  principles.
> Please review the attcahed file for comments.
> John Briggs
> > 
> Principles of the Squeak Foundation:
> A. Squeak Foundation is open to any individual or institution subscribing to
>    the purpose and principles in conducting Squeak Foundation activities.

Change "in" to "for".

> B. Members have the right to self-organize at any time, on any scale, and 
>    around any activity inconsistent with the purpose and principles.
I think we mean either "NOT inconsistent" or "consistent".

> C. Authority will be vested in, functions performed at, and resources used by
>    the smallest or most local part that includes all relevant and affected
>    parties.

I'd like better understanding of what this means in the context of the Squeak

> D. Deliberations and decisions of Squeak Foundation will be made by bodies
> and
>    methods that reasonably represent all relevant and affected parties and
>    that are dominated by none.
> E. Diversity of people, perspectives, and approaches is desirable and will be
>    encouraged.
> F. Conflict will be resolved creatively, cooperatively, and constructively.
> G. To the maximum degree possible, results will be achieved by persuasion 
>    rather than compulsion.

Consider combining F & G, which seem aimed at the same end.

> H. Deliberations and decisions of Squeak Foundation will use knowledge and
>    information derived from scientific method, practical experience, and
>    intuition.

I think that in our context, this principle is superflouous. It doesn't hurt
anything but I'm not sure it adds as much value here as it does in NAMA.

> I. Each and every part of Squeak Foundation will pursue greater coherence in
>    the creation and design of Squeak.
> J. Squeak design will be treated as an infrastructure asset, and creative
>    investment of public and private resources to achieve the purpose will be
>    encouraged.
> K. Squeak design has an inherent value, and the creators of that value should
>    be equitably compensated.
> L. Squeak design and technologies will be used to improve decision making and
>    productivity, consistent with the purpose and principles.
> M. Public inspection of Squeak design used for governance is a fundamental
>    right, and access to such information should be provided.
> N. Standards essential to achieve the purpose in accord with the principles
>    will be established and implemented.
> O. Innovation is essential to achieve the purpose, will be encouraged, and
>    should be fairly rewarded.
> P. Each and every part of Squeak Foundation will protect the privacy and
>    confidentiality of personal information.
> Q. Knowledge related to achieving the purpose of Squeak Foundation in accord
>    with the principles will be openly and fully exchanged unless disclosure
>    violates confidentiality or materially diminishes competitive position.
> R. Squeak design and technologies will be used to improve the viability of
>    Squeak in all its different implementations

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