[Squeakfoundation]Initial project - Squeak core

Raab, Andreas squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Mon, 28 May 2001 01:19:24 -0700


> > #1: Who has write access to what area? [Ian's main point]
> So... what was the problem? I mean - couldn't that have been=20
> resolved? Most OSS projects has one or a few with write access
> and everyone else just sends patches. If Ian wanted write access
> to himself then I would personally gladly had given him that,=20
> but then I would of course also... what's the word... "expected"
> him to tend the sources somewhat regularly. ;-) You know what I
> mean.

I know what you mean :-) Incidentally, I *think* that the problem was a =
psychological one. Since I don't want to second-guess Ian (anyone who's
interested can ask him) let's just say that for me one of the problems =
with the specific SF setup - e.g., I simply do not want any write =
access to
anything outside the Win32 area. It's just bad. I'm sure this can be =
(although I am uncertain if that can be solved with a single SF =

> > #2: How do non-Unix people use it? [My main point]
> Could you do a short recap on what the problem was? I mean,=20
> we are talking about the C-source right? Or are we talking=20
> about the rest of the VM? Is it a problem with CVS-clients?

We're talking clients. I installed SSH and I installed CVS and I =
some weird Win32 frontend and it was just a pain in the [insert your =
favourite body part here]. And I'm not even sure if there is that much
support for Macs. Of course, I've heard rumors that there's soon going =
to be
a way of doing this stuff transparently from Squeak ... now we're =
(heh, heh ;-)

  - Andreas