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Mon Feb 24 11:28:06 CET 2003

Hi Andreas,

    Very well said indeed.

    Do we expect to see a report on Berne conference
    in WSJ any time soon ;-)



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Hi Guides,

[Sorry for the belated reply but the mail server in Berne wouldn't let me
send email through it. I just came home so here we go...]

I think it's important for the Guides and anyone else to understand that
this idea really goes both ways. When we were talking about this in Berne,
my point of view was essentially the following: SCG needs an open,
extensible, clean kernel for their research work. Squeak needs an open,
extensible, clean kernel for its users. What better match is there?! We have
the same needs and a group of people willing and able to do the job. By
providing that kernel to the Squeak community, SCG gains an interesting
"playground" for their research work on and in Squeak, with the ability to
experiment with everything, including VM modifications. The Squeak community
gains the kernel and the ability to easily play around with any new stuff
that SCG develops if that is of interest. Whether any of these developments
actually makes it into "core Squeak" is quite a different matter at this

To me, there is a clear win-win situation if we put our trust into SCG to
handle the situation appropriately and not to take overly advantage of the
fact that they could in fact change the MOP of Squeak beyound recognition
(but hey, isn't that the case for any package on SqueakMap?! after all the
maintainers can change it at their own will and pace...). Knowing the people
involved I think that this would be a very reasonable arrangement with
advantages for all parties involved. Let's not forget - someone needs to
maintain these aspects of Squeak and personally I'd much rather see a group
of people work on this who actually understands what they are doing and what
the community wants and expects out of this work.

  - Andreas

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> Hi all
> Just a point that may not have been made clear enough. We
> want to clean
> the kernel not change it. For our own business we will certainly come
> with a better one but at that time we will see.
> Stef

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