"Internal" updates (was: RE: [Squeakfoundation]Possible extra text for Welcome window in 3.4)

Tim Rowledge squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Tue, 07 Jan 2003 15:38:33 -0800

"Andreas Raab" <andreas.raab@gmx.de> appears to have written:

> The point here is not about whether an "internal" update stream _can_ be
> useful. The point is that in order to be useful it has to be _put_ to
> use, e.g., someone has to actually run the stuff that's in it. If noone
> does, then it's only getting into the way of both, testing and the
> release process in general (e.g., "is this update included?").
Exactly so. My problem is that I don't see anything in the internal
stream and without an uptodate sqfixes page (or suitable substitute)
it's hard to keep track of what to look into. I haven't been keeping
every email that could possibly relate to changes; perhaps I should.

I think we just need to get some organisation into place. Now that
assorted holiday type distractions are over maybe we can do so?


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