"Internal" updates (was: RE: [Squeakfoundation]Possible extra text

Cees de Groot squeakfoundation@lists.squeakfoundation.org
8 Jan 2003 08:14:39 +0100

Doug Way <dway@riskmetrics.com> said:
>(By the way, Scott just posted the various "fixes before 3.4gamma" updates to the internal update stream today.)
I don't know what this internal update stream thingy is or who's output port
you have to kiss in order to get access to it, but I think (exactly for these
reasons) that it should go.

A much better alternative would be to have a marker file on the regular update
stream indicate the latest 'safe' update (for some value of safe). Cool
bl33ding edge hackers could ignore the marker, while regular users (using
'Update from server') would have their updates stop at the number indicated in
the marker file.

Then everyone could decide for themselves how bleeding edge they'd like to be,
and how much they want to contribute to pre-alpha testing.

The absolutely most vital thing if Squeak's to be a success under the new
model of governance is to make it as transparent as possible. No hidden areas
for some 'privileged' people, the only privileges we should hand out is
decision privileges, not information privileges.

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