[Squeakfoundation]re: 3.5 release timing

Daniel Vainsencher danielv at netvision.net.il
Mon Mar 10 11:24:13 CET 2003

This is all fine, except that in most cases, we don't know or control
what will be in a release in advance. The most we can do is try to
influence it, by explaining what is important in our opinions and why. 

I think it's more practical for us to be flexible about the content, but
harsh about the timing/standards required for getting in.

I'm starting to agree, though, that what grand plans we do make, we
should announce before the previous release is out.

About the contents of this specific release, I agree the project fix and
the class builder fix are desirable (and are probably practical, since
we have candidate fixes for both), but wouldn't reject out of hand other
fixes posted if they are properly reviewed, tested, and very simple.
Also, I think the font license non-issues should be smoked out finally
by pulling in some apple-font removing package from SM.

I would like to enlist at least all guides to help in making QA tags
widely used. This requires, on the one hand, being the "bad people" and
requiring more QA tags for submissions that don't have them, and OTOH,
when review tags are added, doing our own review and highlighting what
isn't good enough, to clarify what the tags actually mean.

Being demanding is sometimes considered neither fun nor popular. but I
submit to you that -
A. it may not be popular, but it'll be far more popular than having a
slow/ineffective feedback cycles.
B. It CAN be a LOT of fun if you get in the right, nasty mood for it ;-)


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