A successful morning

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Tue Nov 20 12:00:55 PST 2001

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> Christopher,
> At 9:51 PM +1300 11/17/01, Christopher Sawtell wrote:
> >   2) I have tried to run the project file created by the iMac at School on my
> >Linux machine at home, but the Linux machine won't load the project file. It
> >complains about the need for a translation method. Please, what do I do?
> >It is particularly important that the children are able to continue working
> >on their projects at home using all manner of machines. Probably most will be
> >MS Windows, but doubtless machines of all vintages. The iMac plugin was d/l
> >two or three days ago and on the Linux squeak reports its version as:-
> >
> >[chris at berty chris]$ squeak -version
> >i586-pc-linux-gnu 3.1a-4164 #1 XShm Fri Nov 16 23:20:26 NZDT 2001 gcc 2.96
> >Linux berty.localnet 2.4.8-26mdk #1 Sun Sep 23 17:06:39 CEST 2001 i586 unknown
> If the system that wrote the project and the system that reads it are of the
> same vintage, then everything will work.  If the Linux system is
> older, choose "update code from server" from the "help..." section of
> the system menu.  (Get the system menu by holding down the mouse on a
> patch of empty Squeak screen.)   DiscoveryOneCars does load into my
> Squeak.
> >   3) On the iMac display I noticed that the flap on the right hand side of
> >the screen for the tools was not there. As time progresses I hope to be able
> >to start having the children use the workspace and transcript in a simple way.
> >So the question is: How do I get the flaps? Do I have to d/l and install a
> >full Squeak development system for the iMacs ?
>  From the System Menu, choose "flaps".    You will get a bunch of
> check boxes to enable the various kinds of flaps.
> --Ted.
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