My Problem

Adrian Boxall Adrian.Boxall at
Thu Dec 12 10:54:21 PST 2002

Dear Anybody
I made a paint object on squeak then i saved it . When i returned to my project it was surrounded by a black border and had kinda blurry colours.

Today I finally went back to try to salvage my squeak project. I erased the border on one of the people and the world . I got everything back to normal than started working, I made more people i titled them, I made motion scripts for easch person and
titled them. This entire process took me a good 2 hours i continuosly saved through the process and was doin fine. When i was almost finished I saved, then had it turned off, when I returned it had screwed up worse than before the world was incredibly
fuzzy and two characters were covered in black(not just a border they were replaced by a black square). My project is ruined and I have little to no hope of salvaging it but I still would seriously like an explanation to this problem.

ur pal Adrian

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