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Jimmie Houchin jhouchin at texoma.net
Thu Aug 14 12:53:05 PDT 2003

Hello Alan,

Thanks for the reply.

I look forward seeing what materials become available for self or 
assisted learning. Any materials aimed at self or assisted (mentored, 
tutored) learning would be of benefit to homeschoolers or anyone who 
wants to learn on their own outside of an institution.

So the materials don't necessarily have to expressly address homeschool, 
but merely self-directed learning.

There are many local homeschooling organizations, support groups where 
homeschoolers meet to ask/answer questions. Some of these groups offer 
classes for a variety of subjects that desire/require a group of 
students. These would be interesting places to introduce Squeak.

I think it would be interesting if homeschoolers were encouraged to buy 
the DVD and show it at a meeting. The price of the DVD is certainly no 

Maybe after I watch the DVD I'll see about writing/emailing homeschool 
support groups to encourage them to show the DVD at a meeting.

My wife and I do not belong to one as we live in a smalltown of only 
1700. The nearest group is 20 miles away and my job currently doesn't 
allow the freedom to participate.

Another interesting thing would be if someone could do a presentation at 
  Homeschool Book fairs. Show the DVD in the presentation, answer a few 
questions and have a table with available books. You or your staff may 
not want to travel the country but I'm sure theres a fair nearby where 
you live. Could be fun. Maybe over time a network of Squeakers could 
develop to accomplish this with people only handling their local fair.

The homeschool market is not restricted by the government on its 
materials. Homeschoolers have the freedom to do this, whereas many 
Public Schools don't.

Just thinking out load. :)

Jimmie Houchin

Alan Kay wrote:
> Hi Jimmie --
> I think homeschooling is generally a very good idea -- and we have in 
> our plans to try to do quite a bit more to help homeschoolers over the 
> next several years.
> I think any parent and/or teacher should be able to start from scratch 
> with this book -- that is the intent. All the projects can be done by a 
> single student.
> One of the things you might consider as part of homeschooling is to set 
> up community clubs in certain areas (like science) where a number of 
> children can learn and do projects together.
> Cheers,
> Alan
> ======
> At 11:09 AM -0500 8/14/03, Jimmie Houchin wrote:
>> My wife and I homeschool our children.
>> How appropriate or good would the book
>> "Powerful Ideas in the Classroom - Using Squeak to Enhance Math and 
>> Science Learning" by BJ Allen-Conn and Kim Rose with Afterword by Alan 
>> Kay
>> be for homeschoolers?
>> What kind of knowledge or expections are made of the teacher?
>> Is it appropriate for single students or does it desire a class?
>> Any information regarding the book and homeschooling greatly appreciated.
>> Jimmie Houchin

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