[Squeakland] Complex Systems with eToys

diegogomezdeck at consultar.com diegogomezdeck at consultar.com
Sat Aug 16 14:20:34 PDT 2003

Hi folks....

Yesterday I was playing a little bit with eToys when I remembered an
experiment where I participated in the past about complex systems and
emergence behavior using Squeak.  In this moment I decided to try again the
experiment using only eToys scripts.

I started to work on it thinking that eToys is not powerful enough to do
that and I finished publishing the results on Bob's Superswiki and it's
named “Stone, Paper or Scissor” (

You need an Small-Land Squeak (http://swiki.agro.uba.ar/small_land/58) to
try it. (or a 3.5 with TrueTypeTextStyle package installed).

eToys rocks!


Diego Gomez Deck

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