[Squeakland] graphics problem

Max Crain mcrain at u98.k12.me.us
Mon Jun 2 15:31:51 PDT 2003


Are the following known problems?

A Squeak EToys  project simulates a landing rocket accelerated downwards by
gravity, and accelerated upwards by its user controlled engine. There are
three graphics for the rocket: the rocket with engine blasting, the rocket
bent because it has landed too fast, and the plain rocket. The rocket object
is just drawn as a circle initially.

When working in Squeak, the graphics look fine. When the project is saved
then reloaded, one or two of them seem to be altered so that they appear
both smeared and jagged on the edges. The graphics can be redrawn (I don't
recall whether redrawing the original object's graphic fixed the referencing
object's graphic also) so that things are again fine until the project is
saved and reloaded.

A second occurrence: an older (non-garbled) version of one graphic seemed to
reappear after its original object had been redrawn while the older version
of the graphic was no longer referenced by any other object


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