[Squeakland] Re: City Project

Stephen Bunker srbunker at bsu.edu
Fri Jun 6 08:34:30 PDT 2003

I'm new at squeak but had an idea that may help. Could you add a 
radius to your turn the turn?


>Hi Squeakers.
>First, let me introduce myself.
>My name is Tomoko Miura, a UCSD junior, currently taking Computing in
>Teaching course. We are looking closely into Squeak this quarter.
>Currently, I am working on a city project which deals with handling signals
>at different intersections. Thus far, I've faced several problems, and I'd
>greatly appreciated if I can get some advice from you, the Squeak experts.
>(*please see the attachment if necessary)
>1. test collisions
>     right now, I have "color see" test script in my project but have tried
>     "touchesA" and "Overlap" as well. In all cases, didn't work.
>     (for the last 2, it won't work since ladybug siblings are not "look a
>     --> Is there any other ways to test collisions?
>     --> test scripts (especially touchesA/Overlap) slows down the motion of
>         ladybugs even though I change the ticking rate. Why is that and is
>         any ways to prevent it?
>     --> Is there an efficient way to stop registering multiple collisions
>         "touchesA" or "Overlaps" when having considerably large images?
>2. Making a turn
>     --> at turns, I'd like ladybugs to make a smooth turn rather than a
>quick 90
>      degrees turn. How can it be done? Any suggestions?
>Ultimate goal of this project is allowing users to assign landmarks to each
>ladybug and see how well they find ways to reach each goal.
>(also the collisions will be counted)
>Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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