[Squeakland] 2 questions - embedding text box and keystroke listener

Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Sun Dec 12 07:55:11 PST 2004

If you put the object to be embedded on the object which you want to be the 
holder, then the embed popup will show you all the layers you can embed in 
down to the world. If you want to be completely clear about what is going 
where, you can do one of two things.
  . you can name the object that will be doing the holding by clicking on 
the name that shows up with the halo, typing and hitting return (and this 
name will then show in the embed popup), or
  . you can look at the red menu for the holder object and choose "open to 
drag and drop". Now it will act like a playfield. The object will now 
capture any object dropped on it (but this can be too much of a good thing, 
so it is often good to turn this option off after you've done your desired 

Perhaps Scott or Ned can tell us about the current state of keyboard 
listening in the etoy system (the feature is there but turned off, again 
for good reasons).



At 03:33 PM 12/11/2004, darius at inglang.com wrote:
>1) Drag a playfield from the flap. Embed both the paint object and the 
>text box into the image.
>2) Smalltalk code in the Tetris game class is one example of a keystroke 
>listener but you have to have your mouse over the morph for it to receive 
>the keystrokes. Morphs moving around make this hard to do.
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>>I have tried posting these in the forum, but it seems that no one is
>>really looking there, so I am going to post them here:
>>1) i am trying to embed a text box into a painted object so that it
>>looks and acts like one object. basically i want to be able to pick up
>>and move the item as one, but still be able to script the textbox's
>>behavior. i am have tried the embed action, but it only says i can embed
>>into "world." any ideas?
>>2) What is the best way to "listen" for keystrokes? Example: the user
>>hits the left arrow key and the object moves to the left.
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