FW: [Squeakland] cannot publish a file anymore

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Mon Dec 13 18:07:55 PST 2004

Hi, Arvind,

Apparently this project had gotten into an inconsistent state 
sometime before the publishing was attempted.

Since you mentioned that you've tried to publish the same project on 
more than one computer, and encountered the same problem, I wonder 
*what* you copied from computer to computer for the successive 
trials.  Was it an earlier version of the .pr project file that *had* 
been successfully published?  Or did you copy over the 
squeakPlugIn.image from one machine to the next?

If you still to have a saved copy of the image in which this error 
occurred, please try this:

(1)  Place the attached file into the "My Squeak" folder on the 
computer that has the Squeak image with the offending project.
(2)  Start up the image that has the error.
(3)  "Install" the attached file from a filelist (hit shift-esc to 
get the world menu, choose "open", then "file-list"; select the file 
and then hit the "install" button.)
(4)  Choose "attempt misc repairs" from the "authoring tools" menu 
(hit shift-esc to get the world menu, then choose "authoring tools", 
then "attempt misc repairs.")
(5)  Now try to publish the project again.

*** Alternatively, if you could by any chance make that image 
available to us on some ftp site, we could download it and take a 
direct look.

If the offending image is no longer available for trying this out, of 
course, this won't do your student much good -- sorry.  However, 
probably the attached code, or something derived from it, will appear 
in a forthcoming Squeakland update to help work around similar error 
conditions in the future.


  -- Scott

PS:  If you have no image but do have a previously-successfully-saved 
.pr file for the project, please email *that* to me privately, if you 

At 1:04 PM -0500 12/13/04, Arvind S. Grover wrote:
>Since Michael has been able to correct the attachments issue, I am
>resending my log attachment. Any help would be appreciated.
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>Subject: [Squeakland] cannot publish a file anymore
>First of all, thanks to all who helped out with my previous two
>questions. I am excited to hear about the state of keyboard listening. I
>think it could provide for powerful chances for students. They are eager
>to move beyond using items like rotating an object with its clumsy
>handle (clumsy only when using it for designing something like a game
>where quick turns are important).
>I have a student who has a 1 megabyte file, and each time she tried to
>publish, it hangs while publishing. I have attached the log. I have
>tried on different computers with no luck.
>Any ideas? Thanks again,
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