Script control (was Re: [Squeakland] spiral)

Shashank Date sdate at
Tue Dec 14 12:07:12 PST 2004

Hi Alan,

Alan Kay wrote:

> Having a script pause for a certain number of ticks is the same as 
> having the script run for a certain number of ticks. If you use the 
> looping mechanism I mentioned a few emails ago, you can see that a 
> counting loop in etoys is the same as a counting clock or timer. Each 
> tick is one clock time, and you can keep track of how many in a 
> variable. You can test the variable and make another script start or 
> stop ticking when the variable gets to a certain value.

Got it !

I think one of the kids had already figured this out before me ... 
bright kids, they all are !

And sometimes, I like to ask even if we get it working. Just to find out 
if there is a shorter, more direct way.

I hope you don't mind. (Actually, I  know you don't ;-)

-- Shashank

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