[Squeakland] Re: [BUG] destroying a tile inside a script does not change the behavior

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Wed Dec 22 02:07:34 PST 2004

Hi, Stef,

Good point; the attached fixes this.

Kids usually remove a phrase from a Scriptor by simply dragging it 
out of the Scriptor; the bug you mention only occurs if you attempt 
to "destroy" a phrase by bringing up a halo on the PhraseTileMorph 
and then clicking on the halo's pink "X" handle, rather than simply 
"picking it up" and removing it.


  -- Scott

PS:  There is not much bulletproofing in the etoy system against 
random ripping apart of the complex morphic structures that make up 
the Scriptors, the Viewers, the various media players, etc.  Any 
energetic and inquisitive (or unlucky) user can wreak havoc on any of 
these tools and cause them to misbehave, etc., by bringing up halos 
on random sub-elements and using the pink or black halo handles to 
rip apart structures.  But this quickly gets boring.

At 9:29 AM +0100 12/22/04, stéphane ducasse wrote:
>In 3.8 (6475) I created a simple script
>	turn by
>	move forward
>when I clicked on it the car performs a circle.
>Now if I destroy turn by within this script, and click again on the 
>exclamation mark
>then my car still makes a circle.
>Now if I add make a sound
>then my car will go straight and make a sound.
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