[Squeakland] Keyboard support for eToys?

Shashank Date sdate at everestkc.net
Thu Dec 23 08:16:56 PST 2004

Marcus Denker wrote:

> Another interesting question we got on the list (by a very motivated 
> teacher):
> How to extend eToys. The teacher would like to build an eToy based
> environment for teaching math to older kids, and he would like to provide
> some pre-defined tiles.
> I think this view of eToys as a framework for building curriculums is 
> quite
> interesting, but there is no documentation about how to do "etoy"
> Metaprogramming...

Something similar to this question was discussed at the SqueakFest 2004,
there was a show of hands of how many attendees would be interested in such
a thing: being able to create new tiles. Few people raised their hands
(me included
and I think Randy Heiland) but I do not know if that was converted into an
action item. I was (and still am) very keen on knowing when such a
opens up.

>      Marcus

-- Shashank

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