[Squeakland] Does the squeakland swiki still exist?

Kim Rose kim.rose at squeakland.org
Wed Apr 6 10:15:52 PDT 2005

Hi, Dave -

Sorry for delay in reply, but I wanted to talk to the "team" before 
responding.  You and the other "Squeaklanders" may be interested to 
learn that a group of us spanning the globe (U.S., Japan, Germany) 
"meet" via a conference call each week to discuss issues surrounding 
the current Squeak-Etoy system being used,  the Squeakland.org 
website, and the evolution of the Etoy system.

We discussed your question as part of today's call.  A place for the 
community to share projects, papers, etc. has been an issue for some 
time.   We have tried a variety of ideas, most recently offering the 
"project swiki or project gallery" which some of you noticed is now 
"down".   This brought pros and cons -- a place to share that quickly 
became so overloaded with over 5,000 projects that it was not helpful 
at any level as one could not navigate through it, and it was very 
slow.  The majority of projects posted there were 'kid-generated', 
experimental, and often incomplete and not particularly 
"content-laden".  (Lots and lots of little cars!!!)

We *really* want to encourage project creation and sharing.  For now, 
we ask you and others to send projects you wish to share with the 
greater community via email to

projects at squeakland.org

We will then determine a place and way to post these to the 
Squeakland site, most likely through a swiki.   We will announce to 
the list and via "Squeak News" on Squeakland.org once we have this 
"area" created.

We encourage anyone submitting a project to either have text inside 
of the project to give it come context (i.e., "this etoy was created 
by a 5th grade student as part of a model-building project to explore 
a predator-prey relationship") or better yet,  if you are a teacher, 
or parent, the ideas behind asking your child to create the project 
you are sharing.  Was it to teach the child about the concept of a 
variable?  a law of motion?  etc.   This will be most helpful to any 
of us looking at the project and trying to build our own repertoire. 
This is why we published the first  "Etoy of the Month" with an 
additional text document  to provide background, context and more.

We look forward to your contributions and hope, together, we can 
build a rich repository of cool projects!


At 2:30 PM -0600 3/29/05, <dgraftery at verizon.net> wrote:
>With all the informative posts, recently, I was wondering if 
>Squeakland has a Swiki, where members can post followups or store 
>useful content  for all users.  Something similar to the squeak 
>developers swiki.  We could also use a squakland swiki as a place to 
>collectively write tutorials and provide hints.  Is this possible to 
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