[Squeakland] Sharing project inside the classroom

Michael Rueger michael at squeakland.org
Mon Apr 11 15:34:51 PDT 2005

José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:

> be hard for you and for the teacher. I want this project to be used in
> many high schools and it should be a debian package installed with apt,
> with no other setup needs. 

I've packaged a superswiki for the PC, which isn't much help for a 
debian package though. You also need to add the server entry to every 

> After studying it, I have decided to go for the fridge and badge morphs.
> I have try the badge morph and works perfectly. My idea now is using
> fridge, but this morph is not totally finished, and doesn't behave very
> well. I am thinking of how to decide the way the teacher knows who are
> his students. In my case, we are working in totally connected
> classrooms, with more than 400 pc in every high school, and I have to
> find the way a teacher can send the projects or morphs only to his
> students.
> I am thinking of using a strategy similar to what netmorphs do:

The badge morphs already do what you describe:
- a kid needs to grab a badge from the object catalog
- as a name provide the teacher'name
- click on the IP number and provide the teacher's PC name

You can also prepare a project at a well known location for the kids to 
load that has the teacher's badge already set up.

Then they can get another badge, provide their own name and drop that 
badge onto the teacher's badge.


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