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Miriam Bogler mebogler at apollosvision.org
Thu Apr 28 16:12:11 PDT 2005

I am teaching a Squeak class to gifted elementary students. They love it and
are highly engaged in it; however I gathered a few problems that they seem
to encounter while working on their projects. 


*	We installed Squeak on all our Dell computers in the lab last year.
This year we updated the machines with the new version. The technician who
made the updates did not notice that on some of the machines the updates did
not execute well. I detected the same thing when I installed the update on
my XP system.  The prompt informs the user that an update is due and reports
a successful update, but it never executes because when you check the
supplies flap it contains the same old text object. At my house, on my
Windows 2000 operating system the update performed well, while on another
machine that has the XP operating system it didn't. As far as I know, all
the machines at school have the same Windows 2000 operating system, yet not
all updates performed well. 
*	Students were complaining several times about objects disappearing
from session to session. I was convinced that they forgot to publish and
therefore could not account for some objects they created. However these
complains kept repeating and from multiple sources. Finally, I experienced
the same thing one time. I asked students to tally their objects before they
publish and compare it to their project when they reopen them next time.
Some kept missing objects, while others regained them. I am sure that there
is something I don't know about how to reclaim objects that disappear.
Please enlighten me. 
*	Students save their projects using a certain name and each time they
publish, Squeak adds a number to the name. Some students insist on keeping
the original name and change it back. Does this have an effect on the
project and is it O.K. to do. 
*	What is the difference between creating a sibling and between
copying an object to the buffer and pasting it from the buffer by activating
the new morph command. I like to use the last one because it replicates the
object with its scripts but the object has its own identity and cannot be
confused with the other. Am I confused here, please let me know. I could not
figure out yet how to utilize siblings. I will appreciate your help. 




Miriam Bogler



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