[Squeakland] bug in PasteUpMorph::cursorWrapped: ?

Kim Rose kim.rose at squeakland.org
Wed Jun 8 09:23:48 PDT 2005

Hi, Nicholas -
We do think you've found a bug and we are investigating...thanks for 
bringing it to our attention.  Should you find other bugs, 
inconsistencies, etc. you are welcome to either share with this list 
or send directly to webmaster at squeakland.org.
thanks and cheers,

At 7:13 PM -0700 6/3/05, Nicholas Bennett wrote:
>I think the implementation for PasteUpMorph::cursorWrapped: is flawed.
>I used a Holder to hold 4 Sketches to use in an animation cycle. I made a
>'tick count' variable and each tick of a scrip set the Holder cursor to tick
>count. Once tick is greater than 4 things go wrong, the first sketch gets
>shown twice and the last never.
>The code for PasteUpMorph::cursorWrapped looks like it would work if the
>'indexing' of elements was zero based - but it seems to be '1' based - at
>least for a 'Holder'.
>the relevant part of the method is:
>     t2 > submorphs size
>         ifTrue: [submorphs size > 0
>                         ifTrue: [cursor _ cursor \\ submorphs size]
>                         ifFalse: [cursor _ 1]].
>I think it probbaly means 'cursor _ cursor \\ submorphs size + 1' but there
>could be other users of PasteUpMorph that are zero based.
>Is this a bug? seems that it would be easier to make animation cycles work
>like kids would expect them to with a change like this. Can someone give me
>a reference to the bug reporting / fixing proceedure for squeakland
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