[Squeakland] Lego Mindstorms and Squeak

Randy Heiland heiland at indiana.edu
Thu Mar 24 17:55:38 PST 2005

Just an fyi, there was a short thread on this when I asked a similar
question last summer: (all the more reason I'd like to get together
sometime, Mark)



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> We are having great success using Squeak as a four week introduction to
> the use of Lego Mindstorms with our 4th graders. It seems that Squeak
> allows children to construct simpler models and learn the concepts
> required for creating the logic necessary when using the Legos. We have
> worked with Legos for years but found that the introduction through
> Squeak, especially The Great Car Race, has moved the process of
> understanding way ahead of our past group experiences.
> Has anyone else been working with Legos and Squeak?
> Mark
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