[Squeakland] Question about how to run an animation only once

Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Sun Jun 25 06:48:17 PDT 2006

Hi --

The basic idea is that animation in Etoys is something for the children to 
learn how to program it (it's one of many uses of the powerful idea 
"increase by"). So it's not a "feature" or "productivity tool". If you look 
in the "collections" role of a holder, you will find a property "Holder's 
count" which keeps track of the number of elements that are in the 
particular holder. You can test this against the "Holder's cursor" position 
to see if you have gone through all the contents of the holder. The control 
of scripts is found under the role "scripting".




At 05:00 PM 6/24/2006, Randy Goldenberg wrote:
>I've been trying to discover how to run an animation only once,
>without success.
>If you click on the animation script's yellow question mark, it moves
>to the next cursor position. If you click on the clock, the script
>loops endlessly. I've explored the script menu, but nothing I've found
>so far has enabled me to run the animation one cycle through all the
>frames, then stop. How does one do that?
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