[Squeakland] Alan, Kim, & Squeak in education news again

Darius Clarke socinian at gmail.com
Sun Jun 25 22:52:25 PDT 2006

Here's the link to the article:


Teaching with Technology: The Secrets of Their Success

by Victor Rivero

Foremost leaders in education technology provide five lessons on using
today's tools to engage students, recharge teachers, and in some
cases, change the world.

THIS DOESN'T SEEM to be the place to come to discover the secrets of
teaching with technology. Between drab warehouses to the left and
lonesome train tracks to the right, Alan Kay's office is in a
nondescript building set in the concrete fringes of Los Angeles. But
its interior puts the exterior to shame. It is swank and cavernous—a
good place to hide, as Kay, nowhere to be seen, appears to be doing...

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