[Squeakland] Little Problem

Randy Heiland heiland at indiana.edu
Wed Mar 1 00:43:19 PST 2006

Two other suggestions, fwiw - perhaps useful for future "debugging":

- on the menu halo of the button, the last item is 'open underlying
- on the top row of a script, there is an empty square icon which lets you
toggle between tiles and text display of your script (in text mode, you'll
have a scrollbar for longer scripts).  In the past, I've had situations
where a tile might show that it's operating on one sketch when, in fact,
it's operating on a different named sketch (what Scott was alluding to).
Then when I would toggle back to tile display, the tile(s) would be
"corrected" to reflect what was in the text.


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> Hi, Kelly,
> Hmm... I exactly replicated the scripts you depicted, hoping to
> reproduce the phenomenon you report, but I couldn't -- it would not
> misbehave!   My experience was that the square gets drawn whether I
> initiate action by hitting a "button to fire the script" which I'd
> torn off or by manually "running" the script, and I never once got a
> triangle instead...
> So it would seem that whatever is misbehaving for you is caused by
> factors not visible in the screen-shot you sent.  Maybe you have more
> than one "pencil" object and some of the "pencil" tiles in you script
> refer to another copy of it, or maybe you have some other unseen and
> forgotten script from some earlier effort which is somehow having an
> effect on what's happening.
> In any case, to make progress on this I think we need to get an
> actual copy of your project -- so please, if you would, email us your
> project.  If it's of modest size, you could email it to the
> Squeakland list, else just email it privately to me.
> We'll get to the bottom of this!
> Cheers,
>    -- Scott
> At 10:43 PM +0000 2/28/06, Kelly wrote:
> >Hey there,
> >
> >I have something that is just baffling me. Maybe it is just due to
> >lack of experience but I hope someone can help me out.
> >
> >I have a script to draw a square. It works fine if I start it myself
> >by setting it to ticking. However I have created a button to fire
> >the script and when I press it is draws a triangle!! I have been
> >trying to work out what I have been doing wrong for hours and I am
> >just baffled. Have I made some rookie mistake?? Thanks
> >
> >Regards
> >
> >Kelly
> >
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