[Squeakland] RE : Monty Hall Problem with 32 lines of Etoys

Dreyfuss Pierre-André (EDU) pierre-andre.dreyfuss at edu.ge.ch
Fri May 12 09:36:37 PDT 2006


Very interesting this problem and Matkus is specialist for very nice and short programms.

It give me the idea to learn more Kedama solving it with Kedama. This is done, see


The text in the project is in french but it is just explaining the problem.

Use the 'init' button to create the turtles. Then 'jouer' (play) as often as you want.
Each time 2000 turtles are playing. Green dots winning with change .Blue dots winning without change. The density of dots is an estination of the probabilities.

The 3 doors are just positions right of a turtle. Winning position is marked by a yellow patch.

You can hide turtles  to see the patch using the button 'cache'. and show them using 'montre'.


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