[Squeakland] Bug on Bookmorph and a Question about Weasell Esay

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Mon Mar 26 18:55:40 PST 2007

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your quick response. We're trying to develop content for the 
OLPC, but having the aspect ratio of the OLPC small screen with high 
resolution, makes that content created in other images to look strange 
on OLPC (remember the Colombian Tale of the child's poet Rafael Pombo?). 
At the same time I see that the toolbar of Extremadura Image, makes 
things for Windows newcomers a little easier. And Bots Inc. seems a nice 
bridge to follow from Etoys to Smalltalk (my university students are 
delighted with it and his desire to learn more smalltalk is increasing). 
Scratch and Croquet are also a breath of fresh air. So here come the 

 * ¿Do you think that this change set for next level version of Etoys 
will be compatible with Squeakland image?.
 * ¿It's possible to have a "toolbar" like the Extremadura's Squeak 
image on the Squeakland image (like Squeak 3.9 does, but with full Etoys 
 * ¿It's possible to install Bots Inc. on Squeakland image using 
SqueakMap, Monticello or something ?
 * ¿It's possible to go from Scrath to Squeak(land) in the same image 
(to take off the Scratch clothes and see the Squeak(land) underneath)?
 * ¿Would be possible to define something like an aspect ratio for the 
Squeak image as a parameter, so we can create content for that aspect 
ratio even from different images/screen sizes?

Sorry if they are too much questions... I'm feeling like the protagonist 
of the Castaneda's book "Viaje a Itzlan" (Travel to Itzlan): After 
tasting Squeak/Smalltalk even the place I left behind its not the 
same... and knowing that the destiny of Squeak it's to make itself a 
place to left behind it's inevitable to feel some sense of self 
transcendence :).


Offray, thinking in "continuity of experience" in Squeak images.

Alan Kay escribió:
> Thanks Scott --
> Hello Offray --
> On the other question about Weasel ... the existing version was an 
> experimental "active essay" that Ted Kaehler and I did quite a few 
> years ago to experiment with the form and see about a next level 
> version of Etoys. We are in the process of redoing this in the OLPC 
> Etoys version and will replace it "pretty soon".
> Cheers,
> Alan

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