[Squeakland] newest etoys image?

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Oct 1 15:28:21 PDT 2007

On Sep 28, 2007, at 22:54 , Timothy Falconer wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm making some narrated video walkthroughs of Etoys next week, to  
> help people get up to speed more easily.


> I'd like to make them with the most current OLPC Etoys image so the  
> video looks identical to the XOs.   I'm building Sugar, etc, on a  
> Ubuntu box, and have the Chicago Etoys image (070726).
> Questions:
> 1. Should I get the image from the sugar build?  (it builds Etoys  
> apparently, but not sure if it's the newest)

It is. Running inside the sugar jhbuild emulation should provided the  
closes experience to an actual XO.

The only reason not to do that is if you want to make use of the  
built-in screen scaling, for that you should do "make run" in the  
etoys directory (or launch the install etoys script directly). Then  
resize the window to 600x450 pixels and enable the screen scaling  
(the squarish button in the toolbar).

> 2. If not, is there a better place to get the newest one?

To get the very latest, use the jhbuild one, and then load updates.

For convenience we make that image available here whenever there is a  
git commit:


All this should is described at



> 3. Are we code complete (at least with Etoys) for XO MP?

No - although I do not expect major visual changes. The projects will  
see a brush up - if only by translating them (including the launcher  
with the clouds), and we intend to refine the sharing. But as long as  
you stay with the actual etoys, that is, explaining how to do your  
own projects, that should be very similar to the "first deployment"  
version. I have no idea which build OLPC is planning to put on the  
mass-produced machines, though.

> The videos will be for Project Waveplace (http://waveplace.com),  
> but I'll make them general enough for anyone to use.  I'll post  
> them publicly on the waveplace site.

Thank you!

- Bert -

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