[Squeakland] new etoys comments, questions

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Sun Sep 21 13:08:18 PDT 2008

Hi Bill,

> 4) Show code textually is a nice feature - would be even better if  
> you could open the code window to reveal all the code at once - good  
> for learning by copying and pasting to other media

To see the textual versions of all scripts of all the players in the  
project, in a single scrolling galley, use "summary of scripts", found  
in the "authoring tools" menu (obtainable via the world's halo menu.)

To see them presented in a conventional Smalltalk message-list, use  
"browser for scripts", also in the "authoring tools" menu.

To see the textual versions of a single player's scripts, presented in  
a message-list, choose "browse class" from the more... branch of the  
menu at the top of a Viewer for the object.

The two authoring-tools-menu items are only offered if the  
"eToyFriendly" preference is set to false.  To set it that way, see  
the next item...

> 5) How do you set the "preserve trash" preference mentioned in the  
> trash can help balloon?

Open the Preferences tool (from world's halo menu), type a keyword  
(such as "trash" or "eToy") into the Search pane, hit the return key  
and you'll see buttons for all preferences matching the keyword.   
Click on a checkbox to toggle the value.


   -- Scott

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