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To paraphrase a fellow named Alan I heard give a talk a long time ago:
"If I can do it in one click, I'll do it
 If it takes me two click's I might do it
 If it takes me three or more click's forget about it"

Perhaps radio buttons instead of arrows would be a better interface design.

In regards to the method of ranking/tags et al, not sure what works best, but the goals  should be as stated before:
 1) Encouraging kids to post their projects
 2) Encouraging participation of the community in providing constructive criticism and encouragement
>  to bring the best educational examples and those illustrative of etoys' strengths to the attention of the community. 

One additional idea would be to allow people to have their own "page" like it is done at Scratch (ex:  http://scratch.mit.edu/users/sanda427 )
where in one spot you can see all of a person's projects (preferably ordered by date, so one could look and see how they have improved and perhaps what they learned) along with a list of friends (to encourage a sense of community) and Galleries.

Galleries could be useful for example for teachers who post projects or better yet lesson plans they found useful.

Stephen Thomas

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