[squeakland] how to reset Etoys project version number

K. K. Subramaniam kksubbu.ml at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 03:49:59 EDT 2010

On Monday 04 Oct 2010 8:12:32 pm Louis LaBrunda wrote:
> I am use to developing with VA Smalltalk where one can save their work many
> times before setting a version number.  Being in this habit, I now have a
> project with a very high version number that have little or no meaning to
> me.  Is there a way to reset it to a version number of my choosing?
When you are in the project, type the following into a TextMorph
    Project current version: 0
and press CTRL+D (doIt). Next time, the project will be saved as 
<Project>.001.pr. You can verify the current version with the text:
   Project current currentVersionNumber

and press CTRL+P (printIt)

> I expect the number is kept somewhere in the project and that I could
> change it if I could break out of Etoys jail and run a little Smalltalk in
> a workspace.
You don't need to break out of Etoys. Just use a TextMorph. The code is 
simple. If you wish to change the version of a project other than the current 
one. Use:

    (Project named: 'MyProject') version: 0


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