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Hi Randy,
thanks a lot for your help. I've tried all available compressions now.
On the XO-1.5 recording works fine when I'm using Vorbis or GSM.
A couple of times Etoys "crashed" after I moved the recording/recorder to the trash (no matter which compression.)
I can't reproduce this behavior intentionally, though. 
Using no compression at all resulted in a pretty distorted recording containing nothing but noise.
When I tried to reproduce it, it worked ok. Quite often there is a loud click sound when the recording is started in uncompressed mode.
It seems that the first time I tried it this click somehow got stuck and produced the noise. 
No matter what compression I choose there is a heavy reverb on the recordings.
I will try to find out how to install the Etoys update and see if that solves the issue.

I got the following error message most of the times when I tried to close Etoys after it had crashed when I had used the Speex compression:
"Some blocks which reference instance variables are included in this segment. These may fail when the segment is loaded if the class has been reshaped. What would you like to do?"
"Keep going"
"Stop and take a look"

Thanks a lot,

On Oct 14, 2010, at 7:10 PM, Randall Caton wrote:

> Dear Tom,
> I just tried the recorder on my XO1.5 with Etoys4.1 and it worked fine as long as I choose the uncompressed choice in compressions that you can access from the menu at the far right of the recorder.
> Let me know if it still doesn't work for you.
> Randy
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