[V3dot10] The Welcome window

Ralph Johnson johnson at cs.uiuc.edu
Thu Jan 25 13:30:45 UTC 2007

What is the target audience of a 3.10 Welcome Window?  Who is going to use it?

The people who ought to use it are people who already know Squeak.  If
someone is new to Squeak then they probably should use a different
image.  I think the welcome window should say something like:
Welcome to Squeak 3.10!  This is the leading edge development image.
If you are new to Squeak, it might be better for you to use Squeak
3.9, which you can find at http://squeak.org

For details on the status and the plans of Squeak 3.10, please see http://???

Our intent is for 3.10 to be reliable enough for day to day work.  We
need people to use it and to tell us if they find anything wrong.
Please contribute your experiences with Squeak 3.10 though Mantis and
the v3dot10 mailing lists, which are described at http://???
I need to make that web page!


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