[V3dot10] alpha release image

Ralph Johnson johnson at cs.uiuc.edu
Thu Jan 25 16:31:36 UTC 2007

This is mostly for Edgar, but I want others to see this, since I
usually send him private mail and so you think he is just doing it on
his own.

I would like for all tests to pass in each release.  That way, people
who make a change can run all tests to make sure that they didn't
break anything.   This means we need to put Make39Green.cs in the
first image.

I would like to have ScriptLoader back in the image.  Actually, the
class comment says "I should be merged into ReleaseBuilder in the
future and ReleaseBuilder should be moved out of system-support so
that we do not create a new version of it each time".

I think that what we *really* ought to do is to make a subclass of
ReleaseBuilder, say "ReleaseBuilderFor3dot10, and add all the
functionality of ScriptLoader that we need to it.  An update would
then just load the new methods of ReleaseBuilderFor3dot10 and execute
it, and that method would load the MC packages just like ScriptLoader
does now.

We should try hard to avoid putting real change sets in the update
stream.  Instead, we should convert them to MC format and load that.
We should probably start with Make39Green, because it is a fairly
simple change set that changes several MC packages, and so is a good
example of the problems we will have with other change sets.

I need to write a web page about the 3.10 effort.  Once all this is
done, we can announce to the squeak-dev list.


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