[V3dot10] Auto-build progress

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 30 14:06:29 UTC 2007

Ralph Johnson wrote:
> I don't like the direction you are going.  It seems complicated.  I
> don't need a system to store images, and expect that it will have to
> create a hundred images for each test run, so if you do try to save
That's ridiculous, its only an example! Its supposed to be a complicated 
example to demonstrate that the system is flexible over all. So what if 
its a complicated example, what happened to abstract thinking? The 
architecture is simple, that's what counts!

Here you go, a simple example which builds an image, and tests it using 
the defaults WITHOUT saving. To avoid having any history simply set the 
'overwrite' flag in the make information record.

#squeak 391.image IBS.st                      \
   path=http://squeak310.pbwiki.com/    \
   install=From39To391                          \
   TestRunner                                           \
   SmalltalkImage +quit

It only needs 'one' image for a test run. You build an image and you 
test it, you can optionally save that image if you want to. Indeed you 
dont 'have' to save anything, that's the whole point of flexibility.

I may have more requirements than you, so it is going to need to be more 
flexible for me. You want to test, I want to be able to test and deploy, 
since I am responsible for the SeasideMagmaPier image, deploying 
requires saving an image. My example showed both.

I was demonstrating in the example saving images that are useful as you 
go. On a day to day basis it appears that I am responsible for providing 
a Seaside-Magma-Pier image that works. Which at the moment it apparently 
doesnt with the current vm.




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