Smartphone port of squeak

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at
Fri Jan 13 22:48:21 UTC 2006


> I'm trying my hand at porting squeak to MS Smartphone 2003, which is
> based on WINCE4.
> I'm adapting the win32 squeak build, which makes the most sense;

  Have you thought about starting from:

or found that the recent Win32 build is relatively easy to port?

> Smartphone, however, DOES have a joystick but does NOT have a mouse or
> mouse pointer. It does have a concept of tab-order and focus.
> Is this going to be a dead loss? while faking a mouse pointer might be
> worthwhile for some things, if smalltalk is useless without it, then it
> is probably a waste of time; does smalltalk or the GUI used, have a
> concept of focus? Or would these be a feature of something like
> wxSqueak, which probably could be ported?

  I would say it is not a dead loss... But of course I don't imagine
doing Smalltalk development without a pointer device is anywhere I
would be satisfied.

  It still makes sense if you write a GUI framework suitable for such
environment (not that hard work), write an application on it, and run
it on the PDA.  That could speed up the application development effort
later on, as the code written in Squeak runs bit identical on desktops and PDAs.

> The other problem is, that although Smartphone supports sizeof(char)=1,
> 2 byte wchar_t is used for most API calls.

  I forgot the detail, The WinCE code I put on the web does
something.  Please take a look at it.

-- Yoshiki

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