[Vm-dev] RFC: Unix 3.11.3-2116 VM

Ian Piumarta piumarta at speakeasy.net
Mon Aug 31 18:49:21 UTC 2009

Hi Bert,

> Looks nice :) Is the compiling faster too? It sure feels like ...

There is no more libtool script wrapped around every invocation of  
the compiler and linker.  Whether it's faster or not probably depends  
to a significant degree on how fast the libtool script ran on your  
machine.  OTOH, there are more recursive invocations of make than  
there used to be just to traverse the build tree.  For me it's a lot  
faster compiling from scratch but a low slower (relative to a  
fraction of a second ;) to check all the dependencies when everything  
is already up to date.

> What's the equivalent of configure --without-gl now?

You can turn off any plugin using '--without-PluginName' so '-- 
without-B3DAcceleratorPlugin' should do what you want.  But I think  
the runtime GL dependency might be attached to vm-dpy-X11 at the  
moment, which is wrong.  I'll fix it so that either B3D carries the  
dependency and/or special-case '--without-opengl' to remove both B3D  
and the GL dependency in X11.

> Could we define SUGAR by default? The additions are minimal and  
> it's just easier to use one VM for all.

Absolutely.  Is config.h good enough or do you need a -D in the  
compiler flags?

> Do we depend on libffi even on x86 Linux now?

Shouldn't do.

> From my log:
> -- SqueakFFIPrims: any-libffi

This is likely a bug in the FFI config logic.  On linux/x86 the  
plugin should not be trying to use the any-libffi glue.

> But it ran Etoys under Sugar on first try (I only patched in the  
> #define SUGAR) ... yay!

Indeed! :)


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