[Vm-dev] RFC: Unix 3.11.3-2116 VM

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Aug 31 18:27:45 UTC 2009

On 31.08.2009, at 11:08, Ian Piumarta wrote:

> Unix VM hackers,
> I've published a preview of the 3.11.3 Unix VM for the amusement of  
> alpha testers everywhere.  Lots of things are bound to be broken and/ 
> or forgotten and/or incomplete and/or begging for improvement.  I'm  
> not quite finished tweaking but comments and suggestions are  
> definitely welcome at this stage!

Looks nice :) Is the compiling faster too? It sure feels like ...

What's the equivalent of configure --without-gl now? I need that to  
build for OLPC, my compiling machine has GL installed, but the XO not,  
so I explicitly need to disable it.

Could we define SUGAR by default? The additions are minimal and it's  
just easier to use one VM for all.

Do we depend on libffi even on x86 Linux now? From my log:

-- SqueakFFIPrims: any-libffi
-- checking for module 'libffi'
--   package 'libffi' not found
-- Looking for ffi.h
-- Looking for ffi.h - not found
-- Looking for ffi/ffi.h
-- Looking for ffi/ffi.h - not found
!! SqueakFFIPrims disabled

And it was not built indeed (this is on Fedora 10).

But it ran Etoys under Sugar on first try (I only patched in the  
#define SUGAR) ... yay!

- Bert -

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