[Vm-dev] Unix VM closure enabled?

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Fri Jul 17 18:33:22 UTC 2009

David T. Lewis wrote:
> Sorry for the noise. As you can see I am not experienced with using MC
> in a shared environment, so you can officially consider this to be your
> dumb-user smoke test.

Which is always useful. I hadn't even thought this might happen to 
someone ;-)

> I can't reach SqueakSource at the moment to verify the process end-to-end,
> but after manually completing the update, everything looks good and the
> fib test gives 89 as expected.
> So, on 64 bit Linux with 64 bit VM, closures are working fine.

Very, very good. Thanks so much!

   - Andreas

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