[Vm-dev] Re: FYI: CMakeVMMaker (Was Re: Automated VM build server)

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Thu Dec 23 17:57:56 UTC 2010

Did you manage to get the cmake stuff that Goeffroy Couprie posted 
running on Windows? I never had much success (see 

   - Andreas

On 12/23/2010 9:05 AM, Igor Stasenko wrote:
> I just uploaded the VMMaker/CMakeVMMaker package,
> and since couple of people noticed it, and started asking (privately)
> what is it, i decided to do little "premature" explanation.
> In short:
>     - it is a part of future automated build system.
> Its only in prototype phase, and some protocol and even classes could
> appear/disappear.
> The idea of this is simple: we put all knowledge about VM building
> process into image,
> and then generating sources&  cmake config, which then doing the rest.
> This will allow us to easily change configs and generate not just VM source(s) ,
> but also appropriate makefile(s) on the fly ,
> without the need of dealing with pesky files on file system.
> Because what is most annoying with file-based configuration that it is
> spread among multiple (sub)directories
> with a lot of different include files, and its really hard to learn a
> project structure from it, and even harder to alter it.
> So, what the hell: i prefer to work with classes and methods instead
> of directories and files.
> What i think is most cool thing about it, that anyone could make own
> config by simply
> subclassing a particular 'official' configuration to make own custom
> VM, with own subset of plugins, settings etc.
> And then once you tested it, it could be made public and built
> automatically by anyone else,
> without extra manual steps and perusing in file system, IDE(s) etc.
> I plan to create configurations for both squeak and cog vms on all
> major platforms,
>   then i will use them to automatically build VMs using Hudson server.
> As always, your suggestions and questions are most welcome.

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